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Zhejiang Jingri Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED wall washers, architectural floodlights, roadway luminaires, landscape lights

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Outdoor Multi-color RGB LED Flood Lights
The JRF2 Series RGB LED floodlights incorporate all of the functionality required to deliver superior uniformity and excellent illumination into a high performance, high efficacy, long-life luminaire with a modern aesthetic design. Designed to bring life to the dramatic features within the landscape, this product family is a great choice for accenting sculptures, water features, outdoor structures
High Power Long-Throw RGBW LED Flood Lights for Architectural, Facade, Bridge Lighting
Jingri JRF5 Conquer Series LED architectural floodlighting systems are engineered to produce full-color light output to support a range of dynamic uplighting, floodlighting, spotlighting, surface grazing, wall washing and decorative lighting applications. These high performance RGBW LED lighting systems enable the delivery of high quality, precisely controllable color and white light from a single
Outdoor Color Changing RGB LED Flood Lights
The JRF1 Series RGB LED floodlights blend high performance with a premium aesthetic that adapts to an extensive range of architectural and landscape lighting applications. This distinctive range of RGB flood lights offers powerful dynamic radiance in a compact size and durable package, making it easy to draw attention to architectural elements and design details in a tight space where unobtru
RGBW Multicolor LED Projectors/Floodlights
The JRF3-36, JRF3-54 and JRF3-72 RGBW LED lighting systems deliver superior color mixing performance for brilliant lighting effects in landscape, architectural and urban applications, along with the efficiency and reliability of LED technology in a rugged die cast aluminum housing. High-quality tunable white light, uniform light projection, multiple light distributions make these distinctive RGBW
Exterior Architectural RGBW Color Changing LED Spotlights
The JRF3-36D, JRF3-54D and JRF3-72D RGBW LED lighting systems are designed to produce spot (6) and elliptical (15 x 70) beam light distributions for a full spectrum of precisely controllable light. These high-output, exterior-rated LED lighting fixtures offer a plethora of possibilities for lighting designers and architects to create a fantastic nighttime appearance of a building or a decorative l
Narrow Beam Long Distance Throw RGB LED Spotlights | Long Range LED Projection Light
The JRF3 RGB LED spotlights from Jingri Lighting are designed to project a sharply defined beam spread of 4.5 degrees for highlighting a multitude of landscape and architectural applications, including tall building facades, monuments, towers, columns, cable-stayed bridges, flag poles, and any other outdoor high-rise structures. The pencil beam LED projector light is characterized by a high light
RGB LED Landscape Floodlights, Spotlights, Wall Washers
The JRS1 LED floodlights from Jingri Lighting are a versatile choice for low intensity hardscape and softscape lighting applications. The light fixture can be configured to accommodate either AC 100-277V line voltage or DC 24V low voltage power supply. Its light source can be either single color LEDs or a RGB combo. Whether to create a soft wash of light for a harmonized nighttime environment or a
LED Outdoor Architectural Spotlights/Floodlights
The JRF4 Series LED spotlights/floodlights from Jingri Lighting are a dedicated line of performance engineered mono-color light fixtures that produce high quality white light in color temperatures ranging from warm to cool. Designed and manufactured to the highest performance standards with low cost of ownership in mind, JRF4 combines all the benefits of LED lighting in contemporary minimalist des
RGB LED Spotlights/Floodlights for Landscape and Architectural Lighting
The JRF3 architectural RGB LED luminaires are available with 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24-LED light engines in 3.5W, 7.8W, 11.8W, 16.2W, 22.2W, and 28.3W models. With initial delivered lumens ranging from 140 lm to 1057 lm and capability of generating 16,777,216 discrete combinations of R, G, and B values, this small and medium range of high performance color mixing luminaires affords infinite possibil
Low Voltage Pole Clamp Mount Architectural LED Spotlight/Floodlight
The JRS2 LED luminaire from Jingri Lighting is a low voltage outdoor lighting system that operates on 24VDC regulated power supplies. Designed for square pole clamp mount with a specifically designed bracket, this handy, lightweight yet durable LED fixture offers lighting designer and architects a great solution to many landscape lighting scenarios where neither ground mount fixtures nor obtr
RGB LED Architectural Spotlights/ Floodlights for Wall Washing & Landscape Lighting
The JRF6 Series LED spotlights/floodlights from Jingri Lighting incorporate LED light sources, optical system and driver in a narrow-profile design that combines aesthetics and functionality. With high performance LED engines, precise optical control, and robust thermal management, the JFR6 Series offers an excellent cost/value proposition that maximizes energy saving and reduces maintenance. The