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Zhejiang Jingri Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED wall washers, architectural floodlights, roadway luminaires, landscape lights

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LED Street Lights with Photocells | 30 40 50 ... 200 240 Watts
The JRA7 Series LED street lights from Jingri Lighting feature a contemporary-streamlined geometry with a refined design attentive to details for superior application performance, energy efficiency and system reliability. Integrating a solid construction, optimum thermal design, the latest in LED technology and lighting control, JRA7 provides a highly adaptable roadway and area lighting solution w
Cobra Head LED Street Lights | 20W 30W 50W 60W...170W
The JRA2 Series LED street lights from Jingri Lighting take the form of classic cobrahead luminaire design but with the performance only a cutting edge LED solution can provide. Available in multiple lumen packages delivered by 24-LED to 112-LED light engines and 5 light distributions for compliance with road illumination requirements, the JRA2 street lights provide unparalleled solutions for a mu
Outdoor Multi-color RGB LED Flood Lights
The JRF2 Series RGB LED floodlights incorporate all of the functionality required to deliver superior uniformity and excellent illumination into a high performance, high efficacy, long-life luminaire with a modern aesthetic design. Designed to bring life to the dramatic features within the landscape, this product family is a great choice for accenting sculptures, water features, outdoor structures
60W-240W LED Roadway luminaires | Modular Highway, Road, and Street Lighting
The JRA5 Series LED street lights from Jingri Lighting take advantage of a modular design concept that gives the ultimate flexibility to customize lumen deliveries as per application requirements. Engineered in a clean, understated form, JRA5 maintains its uncompromising emphasis on efficiency, reliability and affordability. Exceptional design integrity and modular configurability maximize both pe
30...100, 120, 200, 250 Watt Modular LED Street Lights
The JRA6 Series LED street lights from Jingri Lighting offer a maintenance free and cost-effective lighting solution that has been designed with DOT, municipal and utility customers in mind. A minimal total cost of ownership and superior configurability were the driving force behind the development of this product family. The modular advantage of the JRA6 series is the design flexibility that easi
Wireless Control LED Street Lights | Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Area Lights
The JRA8 Series LED street lights from Jingri Lighting integrate technology, design and function in a package that delivers the energy efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance needed for roadway, area, and parking applications. Equipped with a high efficacy light source that lasts well over 70,000 hours and incorporating effective thermal management that leads to greater product reliability
LED Area Light | Pathway & Parking Lot Lighting
The slipfitter mounted JRA9-A LED area light from Jingri Lighting provides an architecturally appealing, future-compatible addition to any parking lot, internal roadway, or open space with its clean, functional styling and highly engineered system that combines the latest LED performance and advanced LED thermal management technology. Designed as a versatile lighting solution for site, area and st
High Power Long-Throw RGBW LED Flood Lights for Architectural, Facade, Bridge Lighting
Jingri JRF5 Conquer Series LED architectural floodlighting systems are engineered to produce full-color light output to support a range of dynamic uplighting, floodlighting, spotlighting, surface grazing, wall washing and decorative lighting applications. These high performance RGBW LED lighting systems enable the delivery of high quality, precisely controllable color and white light from a single
Outdoor Color Changing RGB LED Flood Lights
The JRF1 Series RGB LED floodlights blend high performance with a premium aesthetic that adapts to an extensive range of architectural and landscape lighting applications. This distinctive range of RGB flood lights offers powerful dynamic radiance in a compact size and durable package, making it easy to draw attention to architectural elements and design details in a tight space where unobtru
LED Post Top Light Fixtures | Outdoor Post Lights
Jingri JRA9-D LED post top light delivers optimum illumination for open-space applications with an understated and streamlined architectural form that harmonizes in style with streetscapes including footpaths, precincts, parks, squares, pedestrian areas, gardens and building perimeters. The post top luminaire is an exceptional integration of the latest in LED technology with a distinctive design l
Poleless Catenary Suspended LED Street Lighting System
The Jingri JRA9-C is a suspended street lighting system which is mounted on electrically sourced, horizontally-strung cables. Poleless street lighting takes away the cluttering of light poles in extremely occupied streets, eliminates trenching and underground wiring while freeing up the sidewalk space. With its clean, smooth styling, the highly engineered system blends harmoniously with the surrou
Decorative Post Top Landscape Lighting Fixture with RGB+White Multicolor Luminous Sphere
The UCJ2 Honeycomb decorative sphere from Jingri Lighting brings the luminous splendor of LED lighting to landscape applications. This fixture is the perfect mixture of technology and design. The 12.3ft tall landscape light fixture creatively integrates functional illumination into a decorative landscape lighting design for a great piece of art that serves both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes.
LED Inground Lights for Gardens, Parks, Driveways
The JRD2 LED inground lights are designed for universal use with a convertible light engine that accommodates either RGB or single color LEDs. The versatile fixture adapts precisely to any landscape lighting schemes for its wide choice of light distribution patterns, lumen packages, color configurations, and compatibility with both line voltage (AC 100-277V) and low voltage (DC 24V) inputs. The re
DC24V LED Wall Grazers | Outdoor Façade Linear Wall Washing Light Fixtures
The JRL9 Series LED wall grazing fixtures from Jingri Lighting create rhythm and contrast for visually stunning architectural impressions. This linear lighting system delivers exceptional consistency in system color points and carries brilliant color mixing for smoothly animated light shows. Available in a wide range of colors, optics and lumen packages, this product family supports an array of in
6W…61W LED Underwater Fountain Lights | RGB/Single Color Submersible Pond Lights
The JRH2 Series LED underwater lights are a family of ultra-thin, submersible fixture designed to provide underwater spot or flood lighting that brings out the natural beauty and shimmer of water features. The submersible LED lighting system allows pool and spa owners to do wonders with color and light. Whether to create a color-rich appeal with RGB color mixing or to produce the purest tone of wh
60W 92W 117W Modular LED Tunnel Light Fixtures
The JRE3 series LED tunnel light fixtures are developed to replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide tunnel fixtures for various retrofit and new construction applications. The luminaire is constructed of a one-piece cast, low-copper die-cast aluminum alloy with a sleek contemporary design. The wet location rated construction is designed with IP65 rated electrical and optical
LED Garden Bollard Lights with Decorative Ground Light Patterns
The Ucarve Series LED bollard lights from Jingri Lighting deliver visually stunning interplay of light and shadow for an artistic touch and pictorial drama. The distinct landscape lighting solution gives lighting designers and architects greater freedom to choreograph beautiful shadow patterns as decorative elements that no other light fixtures can provide. These decorative bollard lights spark co
LED Post Top Lights | Outdoor Post Lanterns | Pendant Street Lights
The JRB6 Series post top lights from Jingri Lighting combine modern lighting technology with aesthetics in a traditional form. The transitional style fixture features an Eastern-flavored design inspired by decorative cornices which are characteristic of traditional Chinese architecture. The lantern hood consists of two die cast aluminum parts, include the pavilion-style rooftop housing and a detac
Commercial & Residential Outdoor Post Top Lights
Designed to capture the essence of street and area lighting with post top fixtures, the JRB8 Series LED lights from Jingri Lighting strike a superb balance of dependable performance, sophisticated functionality and modern styling that matches well to a variety of architectural projects. The outdoor lighting collection carries a design philosophy that gives expression to a fully grown life with rob
LED Landscape Uplights, White/RGB/RGBW Tree Uplighter
JRD6 is a flush mounted landscape uplight fixture designed to produce optically pure white light or saturated colored light for enhancing or highlighting key focal points in the landscape. The LED uplighter is packed with features that enable lighting designers to bring life to the dramatic features within the landscape. With exchangeable optics and adjustable aiming mechanism, the JRD6 Series is
RGB LED Inground Landscape Lighting Fixtures with App/DMX Control
The Red Dot Design Award-winning LED inground lights from Jingri Lighting open new horizons for landscape lighting with an unprecedented array of features that lend sophistication to ground-recessed uplighting applications. The state-of-the-art LED lighting system integrates best-in-class componentry with an innovative design that adds incomparable controllability and adjustability to inground lig
RGBW Multicolor LED Projectors/Floodlights
The JRF3-36, JRF3-54 and JRF3-72 RGBW LED lighting systems deliver superior color mixing performance for brilliant lighting effects in landscape, architectural and urban applications, along with the efficiency and reliability of LED technology in a rugged die cast aluminum housing. High-quality tunable white light, uniform light projection, multiple light distributions make these distinctive RGBW
LED Linear Inground Uplights | Ground Recessed LED Wall Washers
The JRD3 LED linear inground uplights from Jingri Lighting are designed to produce asymmetric wallwash for smooth, uniform wall illumination in a seamless, continuous row. The ground recessed linear wall-grazing fixture brings out the finest texture of brick, stone, or other rough or sculpted surfaces with highly uniform solid white or saturated colored light. Available in 220, 369, 523, 678, and
40W 50W 80W 100W LED Tunnel and Underpass Lighting Fixture
The JRE5 Series LED tunnel lights provide a lifetime solution to tunnel and underpass lighting with their optimal performance, reliability and durability that align with industry's best practices. The tunnel lighting system capitalizes on an optimized combination of high performance LEDs, high reliability drivers with topology that yields the highest efficiency, and precision engineered optic
LED Driveway Bollard Lights
The JRK3 LED bollard lights deliver exceptional quality, performance and reliability with an optical design that provides a symmetric, downward light pattern for open area applications. Finished in silver which makes this fixture blend in yet subtly enhance any commercial or residential outdoor spaces, JRK3 provides a clean and coordinated look with depth and style. Four vertical support ribs with